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OnePrime Capital's Milestone Highlights

Different investors have varying strategic objectives and time horizons; we work to create bespoke solutions to each unique situation.

We invest in single company, portfolio and LP transactions.

Q2 2017

OnePrime Capital established

Q3 2017

OnePrime Capital closes first secondary direct transaction

Q4 2017

OnePrime Capital closed first secondary portfolio transaction. Portfolio acquired from large family office.

Q1 2018

First portfolio company exit: Dropbox IPO

Q2 2018

Portfolio company exit: DocuSign IPO

Q3 2018

A portfolio of four secondary direct investments acquired

Q1 2019

GP led restructuring of a cross-border fund

Q4 2019

Acquired portfolio of two SPV's of leading fintech companies as well as associated management company

Q1 2020

Investment in primary+secondary transaction in a leading gaming company providing early investors and employees liquidity

Relationships & Expertise Matter

We collectively have 50+ years of experience as primary venture capital investors. We focus on and understand technology.

We have experence investing through multiple venture and technology market cycles.

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